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E-Commerce Management for Canadian and U.S. Markets

Online sales are growing at an increasingly higher rate and in order for any brand to succeed, ensuring visibility in a crowded online marketplace is key, along with effective e-commerce site management. Luckily, the knowledgeable professionals at Thomas, Large & Singer have you covered with our complete e-commerce solution.

Our talented in-house team is driven to innovate, shaping the e-commerce industry in ways that benefit our brand partners and their online products like no other. 

Work with Thomas, Large & Singer and gain access to effective total e-commerce management solutions, including:

  • Vendor portal management
  • New item setup
  • Content management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Promotional planning
  • Customer review correspondence
  • Frequent insightful reporting
  • Direct to consumer in-house solutions (D2C) 

Our work as an established vendor with major online retailers allows our clients to reach the online marketplace’s biggest names and, as a result, their vast network of consumers across both Canada and the U.S. Enjoy the unparalleled advantages that only an experienced and respected CPG distributor like Thomas, Large & Singer can provide. 

Broker Management for the Canadian Marketplace

Are you an international brand looking to get access to the Canadian market? Then look to the experienced professionals at Thomas, Large & Singer. Utilizing our established broker relationships, we pair your business with a broker who is a perfect fit. From there, we continue to work with you to establish sales targets and implement tactics while monitoring your business and the competition. 

Here’s how we work for you and your brand:

Establishing sales and promotion budgets. This includes a comprehensive trade spend management approach to achieve favourable ROI.
Performing continuous progress reviews, including trackers, and monitoring the business.
Monthly and quarterly business reviews, but also day-to-day contact with the broker to provide strategic direction while monitoring the business.
Evaluating customer product mix and retail merchandising strategies.
Maintaining strong customer trade relationships.
Identifying new business opportunities in the market, e.g. alternate channels, new listings, and monitoring competitive activity.
Coordinating sales and marketing activities to ensure they are working in tandem for a smooth implementation.

Private Label

The Thomas, Large & Singer Private Brands Division is one of North America’s largest with over 50 years of experience and 2500+ product launches..

With the retail landscape continuing to shift and consumer expectations constantly evolving, there’s no denying that Private Brands have become a critical pillar of any retailer’s strategy. But it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all, and that’s where we fit in!

At Thomas, Large & Singer, we are strictly focused on private brands, with suppliers located worldwide and items found in every single aisle of the grocery store.

We develop effective and innovative solutions to ease our clients’ pain points by helping to answer all their questions surrounding the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why” and “How” of selling in Canada and the United States.

Specifically, we aim to incorporate our expertise in helping with the below three categories:

  • Manufacturer Services
    RFP Initiation and support
    Account management
    Forecasting and reporting
  • Category Management
    Trend and competition analysis
    Performance assessment
    Objective and target identification
  • Retailer Network
    Business planning
    Retailer negotiations
    Strategy consultation

Our goal at Thomas, Large & Singer is to inspire all aspects of Private Brand development, from strategy to execution to consumer engagement. Our unique approach helps our clients set themselves apart, amplifying their brand presence, category success and speed to shelf.

Our talented associates and extensive experience in brand development allow us to develop a unique process and culture that delivers results that focuses on your selling and manufacturing objectives. 

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